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Biltong ,Boerewors (fresh & frozen) Droewors & lots of other SA Products available at our walk in shop in Clifton Village, Bristol.

About Us


Bristol Biltong is situated in the heart of Clifton Village, a stones throw from the Famous Clifton Suspension Bridge. We have been making and supplying our customers from in and around Bristol with Top Quality Biltong, Drywors and Boerewors for over 25 years from our retail shop in Clifton Village.

Due to our ever increasing demand we have substantially expanded our production facilities and are now able to offer these delectable products
to existing and potential customers throughout the UK online.

*If you would like to visit us rather than order online, you are more than welcome. Please see the map for directions and opening times on our
'Contact us Page'.*


Biltong - View Range

People have been Air-Curing meat products for centuries. Various methods were sought to best maintain the moisture and flavour of meat for extended periods
of time without refrigeration, as early settlers trekked across the vast grassy Savannas of Southern Africa. Time and production methods have moved on and so has the flavour, texture and quality of Biltong as we know it today.

Care is taken when seasoning the strips of Beef, as too much seasoning will overpower the subtle beefy flavour of the meat and too little seasoning will render the meat bland and tasteless. Thereafter other factors all contribute to the end result such as marinating techniques, light, air, temperature, time and storage methods.

When all these production methods and techniques are combined with our personally selected and hand sliced strips of the very best choice grade, mature British beef - only then is our Biltong born.


Droewors - View Range

Very popular Air Cured strips of thin Beef Sausage dried in a similar way to biltong. , Traditional Droewors has a subtle beefy, peppery, coriander flavour. Ideal for snacking anytime but particularly good when enjoyed with a cold beer while watching a good game of rugby.


Boerewors - View Range

Boerewors ( Farmers Sausage) is undoubtedly South Africa's National Sausage and virtually every household will either have some in their fridge/ freezer or if not will purchasing some for a tasty evening meal or for a weekend Braai (Barbeque).

Boerewors can be made up of Beef, Beef & Pork or Beef & Lamb, it has a robust, meaty flavour and is traditionally cooked in a coil and then divided into portions for serving. Boerewors can be enjoyed with almost any type of vegetable, salad or bread and is especially tasty when eaten with a good quality fruit chutney, spicy tomato sauce or peri -peri sauce.